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(26.4.1907 – 7.12.2001) Laurence Marshal Pinto was brought up in a Roman Catholic family. He had his early education at St. Mary’s School at Hubli. Later he went to St. Joseph’s European and Anglo-Indian High School at Bangalore. After passing the Senior Cambridge and High School he joined the Karnatak College at Dharwar. After getting his bachelor’s degree in Bombay he left for England where he studied aeronautical engineering. During the years there as a student he met and fell in love with Ethel Anne Lovegrove (11 November 1911—21 May 2004) latter known as Mona. After returning to India he tried to start Electric Supply Companies at Vijayanagram and at Behrampur (Ganjam) but these came to nothing. He spent several months in these two towns in 1934. In 1935 he came to Pondicherry to do an export business in partnership with a local French firm. He asked Mona to come to India and she arrived in January 1937. On 6th Febbruary 1937 they married.

On 15 August 1937 Udar and his wife Ethel Anne (Mona) had their first Darshan of Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry and they decided to join Sri Aurobindo Ashram as inmates. The Pintos have played an extremely pivotal role in shaping the present Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Sri Aurobindo had renamed Lawrence to Udar in April 1938.



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In English

Udar, one of the Mother’s Children

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•   Edited by Gauri Pinto.– Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Udyog Trust, [2007?].– 167 p.

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