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Amrita = Karlapakkam Aravamudachari

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Aravamudhachari Iyengar (19.09.1895 - 31.01.1969) was born in a village 15 km North-west of Pondicherry. Amrita came across the name of Sri Aurobindo, as a boy. In 1905 he came to Pondicherry for study. In 1910 Sri Aurobindo arrived here. Very few knew of his arrival, but Amrita knew of it on the third day itself, he was full of joy and he want see Sri Aurobindo. In 1913 he at last saw Sri Aurobindo some times and was present on Darshan on 15th August. Then he started frequenting Sri Aurobindo’s house. His family members knew nothing of it. He became acquainted with one or two of the inmates - mainly Bejoy Kumar, who used to send letters twice or thrice per month by registered post - called Poste Recommandee in French - to Chandernagore. As intimacy with him grew, he began to send letters through Amrita. In 1914, he asked Sri Aurobindo to teach him yoga. In this year he also had his first darshan of the Mother. He was presented (among the 24 inmates) at the ‘Siddhi Day’ (descent of Krishna) 24 November 1926.

After the formation of the Ashram, manager of the institution, and later a member of the Ashram Trust.

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Amrita: Birth Centenary Commemoration Volume

•   September 1995.— 107 p.— ISBN: 81-86413-02-2.— Rs 50.- Amrita. Old Long Since; Visions and voices; Nirodbaran. In memory of Amrita; Amal Kiran (K. D. Sethna). On Amrita; Udar. Amrita—the ever living one; Satadal. Amrita-da; Anima Mukherji. On remembering Amrita-da; Huta D. Hindocha. Amrita—the wonderful messenger of the Mother; Kamalakanto. Amrita: a homage; Krishna Chakraborty. "Come" — the loving call; Jagat Kapadia. K. Amrita — a visitor's viewpoint; Kailas. Amrita's Humour

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