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(c.1890 Ė 28.04.1912) Indu Bhusan Roy of Khulna. In April 1908 he, Barin and Narendranath Goswami went to Chandernagore. On the evening of April 11, Barin passed the bomb to Indubhusan, who threw it through a grating into the room where the Mayor of Chandernagore was dining with his wife. The detonator exploded, but not the charge. He was arrested on 2 May 1908 at Manicktollah Garden together with other members of Barinís group. He, Barin, Upendranath, Ullaskar, Bibhutibhusan Sarkar took responsibility for everything. After writing out statements in which they implicated themselves, the five were taken before a magistrate in Alipore, the Calcutta suburb that was the headquarters of the district in which the Garden lay. Here they repeated their confessions orally.

In 1909, he was convicted to 10 years rigorous imprisonment. He reached the Andaman Cellular Jail in December 1909. Committed suicide in his cell on the night of 28th April 1912, by tearing his shirt and making a rope out of it and hanging himself from the skylight.


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