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Prithwi Singh Nahar (3.06.1898 – 13.04.1976) Was born in Murshidabad, West Bengal. After Hare School he joined the Presidency College. In 1915 had married Suhag Kumari, from whom he was to have five sons and three daughters. He was a fine sitarist, played the piano, had a literary talent and wrote in Sabuj Patra, a magazine. In 1932, his well-ordered life was shattered by the death of his wife. He started travelling all over India, in search of a Guru.

In 1934 he was accepted as a sadhak and permanent member of the Ashram, and finally settled there in 1938. He was accompanied by Sujata, his sixth child, who was then twelve. His other children later followed, choosing one by one to come and live under the wing of Mother and Sri Aurobindo: his third son, Noren Singh, in 1939, then Abhay Singh, the fifth; then in 1941 the last two children, Sumitra and Suprabha, along with Dhir Singh’s family, followed by the fourth son, Nirmal Singh. Bir Singh, the second son, a Flying Officer in the Royal Air Force, joined the Ashram in 1945, after the War was over.

In the Ashram, Prithwi Singh’s first work was to organize the library. In spite of a failing eyesight, he typed out many texts (including the whole of The Life Divine three times), prepared a thorough index and glossary of the major works of Sri Aurobindo, translated several writings, poems and dramas by Sri Aurobindo into Bengali, besides composing his own poems, songs and sonnets in English and Bengali. After Mother’s physical withdrawal in 1973, Prithwi Singh said on several occasions, “My soul has gone with the Mother.” He left his body on April 13, 1976.



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In English

Sri Aurobindo and Mother to Prithwi Singh: Correspondence (1933-1967)

•   / Edited by Sujata Nahar and Michel Danino. - First edition. – Faridabad (India): Printed at Thomson Press.- 183 p.- ISBN 81-85137-37-4

Banerjee, Anurag

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Prithwi Singh Nahar

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