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Sudhir Kumar Sarkar

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(1889 — 27.04.1974) of Khulna. During 1907 he was Sri Aurobindo’s body-guard and stayed with Sri Aurobindo, along with other members of the household. It was then that Sri Aurobindo had taught him English. Sri Aurobindo’s father Dr KD Ghosh and Sudhir’s father Dr Prasanna Kumar Sarkar were class-friends.

Sudhir Kumar was arrested on 10 May 1908 at home, Khulna; eventually made statement to the Police. In 1909 accused and deportated to Andaman Jail. He was released from jail on 22 May 1918. He married Suniti Devi in 1920. After that he was involved in business.

In 1940 he started visiting the Ashram regularly. Sri Aurobindo taught him French. He had given to Sudhir Moliere’s Le Bourgeois Gentillehomme straight away.



In English

Sarkar, Mona

A Spirit Indomitable: Sudhir Kumar Sarkar

•   / Edited and compiled by Mona Sarkar.— Pondicherry: Sri Sudhir Kumar Sarkar Birth Centenary Committee, 1989..— 146 pp.— Rs 50

The story of a young revolutionary companion and attendant of Sri Aurobindo, who later became a sadhak in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The accounts and reminiscenses reveal an intimate side of Sri Aurobindo

In Russian