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(– c.1987) American disciple of the Mother. She came from USA to the Ashram in 1956 with her husband Michael and when she met the Mother, she declared to her husband that she would not return. Eventually she became the Mother’s secretary and also received the name of ‘Rijuta’ (meaning ‘straightforward’) from her on 21 May 1960.

She suffered from severe arthritis and a time came when Rijuta could hardly move. In February 1986 she was compelled to leave the Ashram and go back to the United States.

At 1970 July 1 the Mother told, “I had an experience interested for me because I have if at the first time... Here was Rijuta, over here, right opposite me, and I saw her psychic being which towered above her so far [gesture — about 20 sm.]. It was the first time. Her physical being was little, but psychic — so tall. And it was agamic being, not man and not woman. And then I told to myself, ’It is psychic being that will manifested at Matter and will be supramental being!’”


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