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Surendra Nath Jauhar

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(13.08.1903, Vahalee village, Jhelum District, Punjab — 02.09.1986), popularly known as Chachaji. He had his early education at Dayanand Anglo-Vedic High school and College. He was a freedom fighter who joined the freedom struggle at the young age of 16, and stayed with it till the country became free in 1947. He was member of the District Congress Committee at Delhi and organized the boycott of foreign cloth throughout Chandini Chowk. He was arrested and tried in six different courts; and was confined in the Central Jail at Multan for 15 months most of which was in a solitary cell.

In 1939, Surendra Nath went on an all-India tour with his friend, Prof. Indra Sen, and his eldest son, Anil, who was then just nine. It was during this tour that he went to Pondicherry for the first time.

While his family found a permanent home in the Ashram at Pondicherry under the protective wings of the Mother, Surendranath himself was entrusted with the task of building the New Delhi Branch of the Ashram in his spacious property on the main road leading to Qutab Minar now called “Sri Aurobindo Marg”. On 23 April 1956, he founded in Delhi “The Mother’s International School”. In 1956 he started Mirambika.

His wife: Dayawati; sons: Narendra (-03.1970), Anil (1930-); daughters: Tara, Chitra, Lata, Purnima.

The Government of India has decided to issue a five-rupee commemorative postage stamp in honour of Shri Surendra Nath Jauhar on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his passing on (2011).



In English

Jauhar, Surendra Nath

My Mother

•   .— 140 pp.— sc Rs 20 hc Rs 25

Jauhar, Surendra Nath

My Supreme Discovery

•   .— 10 pp.— Rs 2

Surendranath Jauhar: His Life, Work and Thought

•   464 pp.— ISBN: 81-900155-0-8.— hc Rs 250

A commemorative volume with an introduction by Dr K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar

In Russian