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Anilbaran Roy

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(1890-1974). A disciple of Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo translated his poem and wrote in November 1935 of his translation (which he has apparently just completed): “Anilbaran’s song is best rendered by an Elizabethan simplicity and intensity with as little artifice of metre and diction as possible. I have tried to do it in that way.”

Anilbaran Roy was a professor of philosophy for seven years in Bengal. Subsequently he felt a call for national work and actively participated in the Non-cooperation Movement of 1921. As a trusted lieutenant of C. R. Das, he soon became a leading figure in the political arena of Bengal. He was arrested and convicted in 1924.

Meanwhile he became profoundly impressed by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and after his release in June 1926 he joined the Ashram. Having practised Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga for 40 years, he left the Ashram in 1966 to do, as he said, Sri Aurobindo’s political work. Anilbaran was a prolific writer and has written books in three languages, English, Bengali and Hindi.

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In English

Roy, Anilbaran

In English

Bhagavad gita and its message : with text, translation and Sri Aurobindo’s commentary

•   Twin Lakes, WI: Lotus Light Publications, 1995.-

Roy, Anilbaran

India’s mission in the world

•   Pondicherry: Divyajivan Sahitya Prakashan, [1965]

Roy, Anilbaran

Khaddar under search-light

•   [Bombay: Advocate of India Press, 1929]

Roy, Anilbaran

Mother India

•   Calcutta: G.P. Karyalaya, [1946]

Roy, Anilbaran

In English

Songs from the soul

•   2d ed.—Calcutta: Amiya Library, [1946]

Roy, Anilbaran

Sri Aurobindo and the new age

•   London; Calcutta: John M. Watkins; Agents in India, Gita Prachar Karyalaya, 1940.— vii, 170 p.; 18 cm.

Roy, Anilbaran

The illusion of the Charka

•   Calcutta: Arya Sahitya Bhawan, 1929.

Roy, Anilbaran

The world crisis: Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the future

•   First edition.— London: Allen and Unwin, 1947.— 156, [1] p., [1] p. of plates; 19 cm.

In Russian