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Bijoy Kumar Nag

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(1892, Rajshahi — February 1935, Khulna), a revolutionary and disciple of Sri Aurobindo. Arrested on 02 May 1908 at 32, Muraripooker Road, Manicktollah Garden in connection with the Alipore Bomb Case. He was acquitted at the Sessions Court.

The ship S. S. Dupleix arrived in Pondicherry at 4 p.m. on April 4, 1910. Together with Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry came Bijoy Kumar Nag. They had tickets for Colombo incognito, as Jyotindranath Mitra and Bankimchandra Basak. Sri Aurobindo got down with Bijoy Kumar and made straight in a horse-cart for Shankar Chetty’s house in Comoutty (Comty) Chetty Street. So Bijoy Kumar was among the four men (Nolini, Moni, Saurin Bose) who stayed with Sri Aurobindo in 1910 at Pondicherry as members of his household. All five men stayed from April 1910 till October 1910 at house of Shanker Chetti, sympathise businessman in absolute privacy. Lived in a small way. Some money was sent by friends from Baroda and Madras (casual). Sri Aurobindo did not accept them as his pupils (sadhakas) but taught them Greek, Latin and French.

On 22 October 1914 Bijoy Kumar left Pondicherry for Calcutta with the professed object of acting as a canvassing agent for the Arya. He was arrested and detained in jail at Villupuram in Madras Presidence under the Defence of India Act. At the request of the Madras Government the Bengal Government accepted custody of Bijoy Kumar and interned him in Dacca Central Jail till the end of the war. Soon after his release he returned to Pondicherry. Bijoy Kumar was among those present on Siddhi Day, 24 November 1926. But a few years later he left the Ashram and died at Khulna in February 1935.

In his “Record of Yoga” Sri Aurobindo has used the following abbreviations for his name: B, B., Bj.

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