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David-Néel, Alexandra

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Madam Alexandra David-Néel (born Louise Eugénie Alexandrine Marie David) was born in Saint-Mandé, France, on 24 October 1868. Her father, Louis Devid, professor, journalist, socialist, together with his friend, Victor Hugo, was deported to Belgium where he met his future wife Alexandrine Borgmane. They returned to Paris at 1859, at 1866 — to Brussels.

Alexandra and her mother were not on terms. Alexandra often departed her house for trips and returned when her money was running out. Reads Upanishads, Gita, learns Sanskrit, Buddhism. At 1891 trip to Ceylon, Madurai, Benares. Then Paris, 2 years at Hanoi as operatic singer. !900 — Tunis, 1904 — marriage (Philip Neel).

On 27th November 1911 in Madras, she was received by Sri Aurobindo. Then she moved to Calcutta, at 1912 — Kalimpong, was received in audience by Dalai Lama. At 1916 — Tibet. At 1917 — Japan, then Pekin, and till 1924 strived to Lhasa. At 1925 — Paris. At 1928 — to her estate Samten-Dzong (south-east of France). Till 1936 wrote books. At 1936 — to Pekin, then Tantsinlu (near Tibet). At 1944 — India, at 1946 — France. Died 8th September of 1969.


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