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Dinendra Kumar Roy

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(1869-1943), a Bengali litterateur, his articles in Bharati, a magazine edited by the Tagores, had aroused appreciation in Bengal’s literary circles. When Sri Aurobindo felt the need correct and perfect his knowledge of the Bengali, his uncle Boromama engaged this young litterateur to help his nephew and Dinendra stayed with Sri Aurobindo at Baroda in the Khaserao house in 1898-99.

It was Rabi Babu who had recommended Dinendra, and towards the end of 1898, a few weeks after the pujas, he arrived at Deoghar together with Sri Aurobindo who had gone to Calcutta for a few days to be with his Na-masi. From Deoghar they went to Baroda, breaking their journey at Bankipore (near Patna) for a day or two, as Sri Aurobindo wished to meet an uncle of his there. After a few days they alighted one morning from a train at Bombay’s Victoria terminus. Then they rested the whole day in a comfortable room at a big European hotel. At nightfall they went to the Colaba station and boarded a train of B. B. C. I. R. line (Bombay-Baroda Central India Railways). The train left the station at 10 P.M. and reached Baroda very early in the morning. Lieutenant Madhavrao Jadhav was waiting on the platform to receive them. He took them to his brother Khaserao’s house. Dinendra Kumar was given another room. Then for two years he had the greatest of good luck to live with Sri Aurobindo as a companion. He says that he was not called upon to do any regular teaching.


In English

Roy, Dinendra Kumar; Maurice Shukla

With Aurobinbdo in Baroda: Biography

•   Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 2006.

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Roy, Dinendra Kumar

Aurobindo Prasanga

•   .- 1923

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