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Hrishikesh Kanjilal

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(1879-) son of Amar Nath Kanjilal of Chatra Serampur, of Hoogly. On 10 May 1908, arrested at home; eventually confessed. Sentenced to life imprisonment at Andamans. In 1920 he was released and visited Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry. In Calcutta he was associated with Barin in his various enterprises, one of which was the Cherry Press.

On 15 January 1939 Sre Aurobindo lold: “Why, Hrishikesh (Kanjilal) also was one in whom doubt could never get the better of faith and faith could not of doubt! (Laughter) He always wanted to fix himself to some anchor, — he could not give up seeking, nor pursue steadily and find an anchor. «The movement will not grow» he used to say. (after pause) The revolutionaries were quite an interesting lot and though not fit for yoga, one could not feel dull in their company.
(Disciple: K was enthusiastic about Sadhana.)
He was. But he was not able to stand the trial of yoga. I don’t think he had the capacity to do the yoga; he had too tall an idea about himself, and he is crude. And as to ’Kh’ I wonder how he could ever have done the yoga.” [Purani A.B. Evening Talks with Sri Aurobindo]


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