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Louis Themanlys

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Louis Moyse Themanlys (Louis Moïse Thémanlys), college friend of Matteo, the Mother’s brother, who acquainted her with Théon. Themanlys was a writer, with several books to his credit. His wife, Claire, was also at home with a pen. Claire’s brother, Jacques Blot, was an artist. Both the families lived in Courseulles, in Normandy.

Louis described in “The Living Souls” a little community of artists adepts of the Doctrine of Unity. Charles Barlet, the first director of the Cosmic Review, discovered so many Cosmic ideas in this novel that he took the author for a follower of the Cosmic Philosophy.

After a while Louis sent a letter to Théon enclosing a nominal subscription to the Cosmic publications. Then he met the Théons on one of their visits to France. In 1907 Louis and Claire visited Tlemcen in Algeria, where the Théons lived. The young couple stayed there for three months, from April to June. It was then that Madame Théon told them one day how, as soon as she first held Louis’s letter in her hands, she had informed Théon about the role Louis was to assume. Thereafter the Théons often spent a part of the year at the residence of the Themanlys.



In French

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Attitudes spirituelles, éléments initiatiques

•   .— Paris: Publications I. R. [revue "Ideґal et reґaliteґ"], (1928)

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Exposé sur le mouvement cosmique

•   .— Paris: Deґpo^t des Publications cosmiques, 1906.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Idéal et réalite

•   1re [-7e] anneґe, 1922[-1930].

Themanlys, Louis Moïse


•   Paris: Publications, 1920.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

La route infinie: pièce en deux actes et trois tableaux

•   .— Paris: H. Jouve, 1908.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Les àmes vivantes

•   .— Paris: Société d’éditions littéraires et artistiques, 1902.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Les pionniers

•   .— Paris : Publications cosmiques, 1920.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Miroir philosophique

•   .— Paris: Chacornac, 1911.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Misère et charité, essai de synthèse sociale

•   .— Paris : Société française d’imprimerie et de librairie, 1903.

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Quelques colonnes dans le temple, éléments initiatiques

•   .— Paris: Publications I. R. [revue "Idéal et réalité"], (1927)

Themanlys, Louis Moïse

Principes généraux de la Philosophie Cosmique

•   .— Paris: Dépot des publications cosmiques; 19, Boulevard Morland, 1907

Themanlys, Claire

Le Rayon vert, pièce en 1 acte

•   . [Paris, Nouveau-Théâtre, 27 mai 1922.].— Paris: Publications (cosmiques), 1922.

Themanlys, Claire

Premiers pas vers la route spirituelle

•   .— Paris: Publications cosmiques, 1922.

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