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Madgavkar, Govind Dinanath

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In the first decade of December 1902, Sri Aurobindo brought Barin with him when he went to Bombay to talk revolution with G. D. Madgavkar, a sympathetic ICS officer. The principal order of business was a proposal to send Madhavrao Jadhav to Japan for military training. Madgavkar said he would contribute 1,000 rupees toward his expenses. The men also discussed the forthcoming session of the Indian National Congress, which was to be held soon in Ahmedabad.

(21.05.1871 — 1947); father: Gand Saraswah Brahmin; wife: Saraswati Bhadrabai, daughter of Rao Bahadur Shankar Pandurang Pandit. He got his education in Bombay at St. Xavier’s School and College and Elphinstone College (Bombay University); then in Oxford at Balliol College (1890 exam; 1891–2; W.M.). In 1982 he returned to India. Arnold and Brakenbury Socs. B.A., Bombay.

In 1892–7 he worked as Assistant Commissioner, I.C.S., Burma. On sick he leaved and was transfered to Bombay in March 1897; there, during 1898–1912, he worked as Assistant Collector, Collector, and District and Sessions Judge. From 1912 — Judge, Thana.

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