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Satyendra Nath Bose

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(30.07.1882 – 21.11.1908), Sri Aurobindo’s maternal uncle (mama), one of the five sons (Jnanendra Nath, Satyendra Nath, Bhupendra Nath, Subodh Kumar and another boy) of Abhaya Charan Bose, who also had three daughters, one of Rajnarayan Bose’s younger brothers. Abhaya Bose was educated in Calcutta. He served for about 30 years as a Professor in the Midnapur College and died in the year 1898. Since around 1850, he settled at Midnapur which became the residence of Satyendra’s family.

Satyendra was born at Midnapore in 1882. Having successfully passed the Entrance and F.A. Examinations he studied up to the B.A. standard of the Calcutta University but did not go up for the B.A. Examination. He left College and served for about a year at the Midnapur Collectorate. He was prosecuted at Midnapur for being in possession of a gun, for which his elder brother held a license. He was convicted and sentenced to two months’ rigorous imprisonment.

Satyendra was a head of the “National Volunteers”. In December 1907 he arrived to Congress session at Surat as a head of young volunteers from Midnapore. On Sri Aurobindo’s order they helped to the break of the Congress.

CID had got word of a mysterious garden near the capital, and penetrated the Midnapore samiti. Satyen Bose, the leader of that group, provided the infiltrator with a good deal of information, including the names of Sri Aurobindo and Barin.

At the time of the Alipore arrests Satyen was in jail as a result of his conviction in the Midnapore Arms Act Case. Implicated in the Bomb Case, he was removed to Alipore.

On August 31 1908, as an undertrial prisoner in the Alipore Bomb Case, he was admitted to the hospital of the Alipore Jail, where he, along with Kanailal Dutt, murdered the approver Noren Gossain, the traitor.

In his trial for this offence, the Sessions Judge, disagreeing with the majority verdict of the jury, referred the case to the High Court and there Satyendra was convicted and sentenced to death. He was hanged on 21 November 1908.


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