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Subhas Chandra Bose

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(23.01.1897 – 18.08.1945), "Indian Fuhrer" — "netadashi". He was born at Kattaca (Orissa, India), Bengali. Learned at Cambridge. His mentor — Chittaranjan Das, advocate of Sri Aurobindo at Alipore case. Resigning from the I.C.S., Subhash Bose entered the freedom movement and joined the Congress soon after his return to India in 1921. Bose Αξρ was mayor of Calcutta, at 1927 — general secretary of Congress together with Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1939, he fell out with Gandhi and the Congress, escaped in 1941 from house arrest, fled to Europe and stayed for a while in Germany, trying to muster support for an attack on British India. During his visit at Europe he was delighted by fascist dictators. In German he constituted Indian Legion from war prisoners. Because of activity of Japan at East looked up to the Japanese. In 1942, German submarine brought him at Madagascar,from there he moved to Tokyo, then Singapore and developed Indian National Army, formed Provisional Government, appointed himself Chief of State, Prime Minister, Minister of War and Foreign Minister. At 19 March 1944 Japanese army (the numerical force 230 thousand) crossed the line of India. There were 3000 soldiers of Bose's army. Object of attack was Implan. Suddenly the wet season began a month previously and absolutely broke up their attack. Subhash Bose disappeared in a plane accident in 1945.


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