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Valentine Dencausse (alias Madame Fraya)

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Valentine Dencausse (alias Madame Fraya) (1871-1954) was a famous clairvoyant in Paris and many politicians of the time — Briand, Clemenceau, Jaurès, Daladier, President Poincaré — consulted her. In the beginning of September 1914, Madame Fraya was called to the War Ministry in the middle of the night and she predicted that the German armies would not enter Paris. As a chiromancer she followed not tradition but her intuition. It was Severine, the famous journalist, who baptized her Fraya, the name of a Germanic goddess. The Mother met M-me Fraya and reminisced about that period, “When I was in Paris, I went to many places where there were meetings of all kinds and people who were doing all sorts of research, spiritual (so-called spiritual), occult, and so on.” (M. Schwaller de Lubicz, Le Miracle égyptien, p. 220). André, the Mother’s son, wrote, “It was in this drawing room that Mother introduced me to Madame Fraya who was to become a very renowned seer. She appeared to me a very pretty lady with a very big hat and a pleasant way of talking.”


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