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Banerjee, Jotindra Nath

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(19.11.1877, Channa village in Burdwan district, Bengal – 05.09.1930), an Indian nationalist and freedom fighter.

His father, Kalicharan Banerjee, worked as a government official at Bangaon. Jatindranath’s early education was completed at the village school. Then he passed FA (First Arts) from Burdwan Raj College, which was then affiliated with the University of Calcutta with high marks. He was admitted B.A. class in the college.

In 1898–99, he came to Baroda for military training. There he met Sri Aurobindo and Madhavrao Jadhav, and Madhavrao got him admitted to the Baroda army. After two years, in 1900, he resigned, and Sri Aurobindo sent him to Bengal as his lieutenant for the work of revolutionary organisation and propaganda.. Once settled in Calcutta he would set up an akhara, or gymnasium, and look around for men he could train. In May 1902, Sri Aurobindo had given Jatindranath Banerji a letter of introduction to Sarala Devi. Jatin met her, Pramathanath Mitra, and others. Mitra suggested that group of Jatindranath Banerji and group of Satish Chandra Bose join forces. The two agreed, and in March 1902 a new, expanded Anushilan Samiti was founded. In January 1903, Sri Aurobindo sent Barin to Calcutta to help Jatin Banerji. But Jatin and Barindra could not pull together.

In 1908–09 Jatindra Nath lose interest in the nationalist activities and went back to his native Channa village. One night he became a Sannyasi. Afterwards he was known as Niralamb Swami.

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