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Bharati, Subramania

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(11 December 1882 – 11 September 1921), a revolutionary and nationalist poet, considered the greatest among modern Tamil poets for his creation of a new rhythm and poetic style. Even as a child he was a precocious poet: the title “Bharathi” was conferred upon him when he was only eleven. His irrepressible patriotic fervour impelled him to plunge into politics and he joined the camp of the Extremists. He became assistant editor of Swadesha Mitran and also edited Bala Bharatam (English monthly) and India (Tamil weekly). In 1908, warned of his impending arrest, he left British India and settled in the French enclave of Pondicherry. It was here that he produced his best work. In Pondicherry he also came into close contact with Sri Aurobindo and was greatly influenced by him. He left Pondicherry after a stay of ten years. Arrested as soon as he returned to British India, he was released after a few days. Subramania Bharathi was not only a poet-patriot but also a social reformer, a lover of humanity, a friend of all creatures, and a devotee of Parashakti. In the “Record of Yoga” Sri Aurobindo has mentioned his name mostly in an abbreviated form-“Bh”.

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