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The Mother


Volume 3

October 20, 1962

I was wondering.... Concerning whether people should be burned or buried, you said, “A week ago, I would unhesitatingly have said 'buried'.... Now, because of 'this,' I can't say any more.” Which experience are you referring to?

It's because of what I am beginning to be aware of.

Do you mean that what you are learning tends to show you that it's not necessarily best to be buried?

Yes. It depends on the case, on the country, on all kinds of things. There are people in Europe who ask to be burned because they're afraid of being buried alive. Here, when people are convinced that a person is conscious, he's buried instead of burned.

Actually, each case is entirely individual.

But there is only a small beginning of knowledge. It will come later on.

(Mother goes into a long meditation, then suddenly comes out of it)

It's going well.

Sri Aurobindo has brought (how to describe it?)... something like this [a small piece of furniture next to Mother, with shelves where she stacks letters and papers], but with all kinds of little... like little racks, and on each rack there were a number of written notes, which looked like pieces of information. It was just this high, and he set it down next to you. He just now set it down beside you, saying it was for you.

All kinds of things.... On each rack lay a number of notes on a particular subject. There were three rows at each level, one like that, one like that, one like that (on the upper part; I couldn't see the bottom because it was behind you). And the sheets of paper were lifting up slightly to show me there were several of them.

It's going to go into your head! (Mother laughs.)

I saw his hand, his arm – I definitely recognized who it was. Then he set it down there: this is for you.

It's going to go home with you! (Mother laughs and laughs.)

All right.

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