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The Mother


Volume 4

May 22, 1963

(This conversation took place a few days after Satprem had a violent attack of an infectious “illness.”)

The other evening, around 6:30, I was in a lot of pain; my head seemed about to burst, I really suffered: a racking pain. Then I lay down, and suddenly I felt a sort of relaxation – a sudden reversal followed by an easing. And, the next day, I came to know that it happened at the precise time when V. told you I was ill.

Not only that, but there was a rather peculiar experience: a Will came into me.... I don't know, a Will: “Decide.” Something that wanted me to decide: “It's for you to decide.” So I immediately cast that Power on you, saying, “He must be cured.” It's a new experience. It came very strongly, as though the final decision were referred to me – to the PHYSICAL consciousness. So I said, “Very well, then! Let him be cured, that's my decision.”

What struck me was the suddenness of it: all at once I felt an easing.

Yes, it isn't gradual, it's all at once.

Then the next day I asked for news of you (because I was interested, the experience was completely new), I asked, “Any difference?” And I was told you were much better.

(Mother gives a rose to Satprem)

And this one for Sujata: open like her heart.

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