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The Mother


Volume 4

August 13, 1963

Note from Mother to Satprem

(This note came apropos of an old “Playground Talk,” of December 21, 1950, which Satprem read Mother during the preceding conversation. Mother spoke in it of the “clear, precise and constant vision of the Truth,” and she added: “Some call it the Voice of God or the Will of God. The real sense of these terms has been perverted, that's why I prefer to say ‘the Truth,’ although it is but one very limited aspect of That which we cannot name but is the Source and Goal of all existence.”)


Here is what came to me for the Questions and Answers after you left, you will see if you can use it and insert it in the text:

I do not readily use the word “God” because religions have made it the name of an almighty being, foreign to his creation, outside of it. Which is incorrect.

Yet, on the physical plane, the difference is obvious. For we are still all that we no longer want to be, while He is all that we want to become.

Signed: Mother

in French

in German