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The Mother


Volume 10

October 12, 1969

(From Satprem to Mother)

(The full text of the following letter regrettably disappeared, only the last part of it was found. The healer told Satprem that what he found near Mother was “the same thing” as elsewhere, the same immutable, eternal, changeless “That.” Satprem tried hard to make the healer feel that there was nevertheless something else near Mother-perhaps because it was the very question that troubled him – and in his letter he asked Mother if he did well to write thus to the healer.)

“...your journey in India. I pray from the bottom of my heart that you may not pass it by. In your solitary retreat, I hope you will be able to open to Mother, who will open for you the door of the Secret.”

I hope I did well and that Your Grace will be with him.

With love,



(From Mother to Satprem)

It is quite good.

The Grace is always with you, you know that. You have given A.R. the possibility of being conscious of it too.

Tenderness and blessings.


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