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The Mother


Volume 11

March 13, 1970

(Satprem had written Mother a rather cross letter because she had been told some malicious gossip about him, just as she had been told – to what end we do not know – that his friend, the Marquis B., was a “spy.” Satprem understood nothing of those jealousies and was surprised that Mother could even listen to such tattle. In fact, Mother did not actually “listen” but worked on all the elements that came to her. That was her “sordid battlefield,” as she called it. Those sad incidents are only the sign that the atmosphere around Mother was becoming... strange.)

Satprem, my dear child,

I do not believe what Udar tells me, nor what anyone whosoever tells me. The Lord has given me the power to see things as they are; and I do not judge.

Our relationship is of such a nature that it cannot be altered by such childishness.

So till tomorrow, in peace and joy, so that the last clouds may disperse.

With all my tenderness and my blessings.

Signed: Mother

in French

in German