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Sri Aurobindo

Bande Mataram

Early Political Writings. 1890 — May 1908

India Renascent1

The patriot who offers advice to a great nation2 in an era of change and turmoil, should be very confident that he has something worth saying before he ventures to speak; but if he can really put some new aspect on a momentous question or emphasise3 any side of it that has not been clearly understood, it is his bounden duty, however obscure he may be, to ventilate it.

The4 commonplace that India is in transition has of late been strongly impressed on us by certain English empiricists; they have devoted whole articles and pamphlets to marshal proofs and enumerate instances in support of this proposition

It is time that an Indian who has devoted his best thoughts and aspirations to the service of his country, should have in his turn a patient hearing.

India5 is indeed a snake who has rejected her outworn winter weeds


Later edition of this work: The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo.- Set in 37 volumes.- Volumes 6-7.- Bande Mataram: Political Writings and Speeches. 18901908 .- Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 2002.- 1182 p.

1 Notes found in Sri Aurobindo's earliest available manuscripts, dated 1890-92, his student days in England.


2 2002 ed.: who passes judgment on a great movement


3 2002 ed.: emphasize


4 This paragraph was absent in this edition. It was taken from the edition of 2002 year.


5 This phrase was absent in this edition. It was taken from the edition of 2002 year.