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The Hour of God

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II. Evolution — Psychology — The Supermind

The Divine Plan

A. The supreme self-contained absolute

FIRST ABSOLUTE —TATThe Absolute Transcendent, the Supreme, parātpara (containing all, limited by nothing).
SECOND ABSOLUTE—SATThe supreme self-contained absolute Existence, Sachchidananda, (Ananda uniting Sat and Chit), holding in its absolute unity the dual Principle (He and She, saḥ and ) and the four-fold Principle, OM with its four statuses as one.
THIRD ABSOLUTE —ADITIAditi is the indivisible conscious-force and Ananda of the Supreme; the Mother, its living dynamis, the supreme Love, Wisdom, Power. ādyā śakti = parabrahman of the Tantra.
FOURTH ABSOLUTE — PARAMESHWARA (of the Gita) = Parameshwari (of the Tantra)

B. The Manifestation

FIRST ABSOLUTEThe concealed — avyakta — Supreme, selfinvolved Sachchidananda, Parabrahman (Parameshwara-ishwari).
SECOND ABSOLUTEAditi. The Mother, containing in herself the Supreme. The Divine Consciousness, Force, Ananda upholding all the universes. Para Shakti, Para Prakriti Mahamaya (yayedam dhāryate jagat)
THIRD ABSOLUTEThe Eternal Manifestation (The Supreme Satyaloka, Chaitanyaloka, Tapoloka, Anandaloka — not those of the mental series).

Gradations of Manifestation

The supreme


Sachchidananda — Unmanifest, making possible every kind of manifestation


Sachchidananda in Manifestation

The Supreme Planes of Infinite Consciousnes

1. Sat (implying Chit-Tapas and Ananda)

2. Chit (implying Sat and Ananda)

3. Ananda (implying Sat and Chit-Tapas)


Supermind or Divine Gnosis

(The Self-Determining Infinite Consciousness)

From the point of view of our ascent upwards this is the Truth-Consciousness as distinguished from all below that belongs to the separative Ignorance.


Overmind or Maya

Overmind takes all Truth that comes down to it from the Supermind, but sets up each Truth as a separate force and idea capable of conificting with the others as well as cooperating with them. Each overmental being has his own world, each force has its own play and throws itself out to realise its own fulfilment in the cosmic play. All is possible; and from this separative seat of conflicting and even mutually negating possibilities comes too, as soon as mind, life and matter are thrown out into play the possibility of ignorance, unconsciousness, falsehood, death and suffering.

Overmind gradation to mind

Overmind gnosis

(Supermind subdued to the Overmind play, limited and serving for true but limited creations)

Overmind proper


Formative Maya . . . . . . . . Overmind Logos . . . . . . . . Intuitive Overmind

(Essential) (Determinative Perceptive of all things

of relations) created by the two other powers)

Highest Mind

(Intuitive Consciousness)

Higher Mind

I11umined Mind

Intuitive Mind

Liberated intelligence

Mind proper (human)

Thinking Reason

Dynamic Intelligence Externa1ising Intelligence

(Will, Vision etc.)

Centre between the eyes (Forehead) Throat Centre

Vital Mind

Physical Mind

Lower creation



(Vital Mind, Vital Proper, Physical Vital)