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Golconde Construction



The Mother at Golconde Japanese Exhibition

Golconda exterior and gardens

Golconda interiors

Old photos of Golconda and Pondicherry

Schemes, drawings of Golconda, documents etc



Guests and VIP

Golconde staff and maintenance of Golconde


Satellite view from south

Golconda exterior and gardens

North façade and north garden

Dupuy St.

West wing

West wing

West wing

West wing

West wing

West wing

Dupuy St.

Water storage tank
and boiler on left

Roof tiles

Pivoting concrete windows
of basement

Water tank and
Japanese lantern

Japanese lantern

Water tank and canal

‘Spiritual Intensity’ growing
at base of coconut tree

Artesian well

View of Entrance from
the Imagination Tree

“Happy Heart”

North-west part

Under the ‘Realisation’ tree

South façade, south and east garden

East garden and back gate

Watering the lawn

Back gate of Golconde
(outside view)


Back garden.
Trunk of “Joy in Fairyland”

Golconda interiors

Bedroom interior

Chettinad plaster seen on
the wall of a room


Room with louvers closed

Room with louvers open.
View of Ashram

Kuja stand, glass

Kuja room

Kerosene lamps on case
of failure of electricity

Louver detail

Louver detail

The Office

West service corridor

Service staircase

concrete steps to drying
area on the open terrace

Details of concrete
formwork of ceiling and
stairs seen from below

Formwork of staircase



The Fresco by Krishnalal

Entrance staircase,
umbrella stand and

Entrance staircase

Umbrella stand

Fossil stones at entrance


The brass lotus of
Golconde’s entrance gate

Residents’ laundry room

Pump Room

One room model of Golconde
built in the courtyard of house
opposite Ganesh Temple

Old photos of Golconda and Pondicherry

Golconda from sowth-west

View from the Ashram

North east view, 1947

Golconde towering over

View from north-west



View from west

Entrance staircase before
the layering of the Cudda-
puh stones. Early 1940s

Boats on Pondy beach

Pondicherry’s Port
and Pier, 1930s

The Old Pier

Schemes, drawings of Golconda, documents etc

Concrete formwork detail

Plan of Mother’s property
called Nouveauté

Ground Floor of the

Painters’ House

First floor of the

Painters’ House

Plan of Bandari House situated on
the Canal Street (Quai de Gingy)
which was bought 3 years later.
The length of Golconde was
then extended and rooms added.

The Plan of the position of Golconde
in connection with the Pondicherry
Town plan. The plots marked
A show Golconde's position.

Drawing Office Description
of Drawings 1935-1938

Text see here

Typical roof details


Wooden formwork for
pillars and beam

Wooden scaffolding

Steel framework for
reinforced concrete pillars

Work in full swing. Girdharlal

and Uday Singh supervising

Reinforced pillars and



Shanti with workers on
Golconde scaffolding

Full view of the Tower

Bottom of Tower for hauling
up construction material

South view of scaffolding
at second floor level

Sammer supervising
the steel work

Chandulal supervising


Preparation for laying the

concrete.Sammer and
Chandulal at the back

Pump – 1938

Steel framework for

reinforced concrete

Golconde workers

Cement vibrator - 1938

Khirod working in the
construction-Passing of

the mortar


East view of the the service

stairs scaffolding.
Shanti in foreground.

Scaffolds for the 1st floor

North-east view

Northeast view

View from the South
June 1942

View of Golconde from
the Ashram terrace

Drying clothes in the

closed area

Shells used in the plaster

Grinding lime mixture

Plastering a wall

Making Golconde furniture

Making Golconde furniture


Sir Akbar Hydari

Antonin Raymond

From left: Raymond (2nd),
Noémi (3rd), Pavitra (4th),

In Japan

Bula with friends, 1980

Chandul. Ashram
architect and engineer


Chandulal, Pavitra

Girdharlal (mathematician)

From left to right: Harikant,
Tulsi, Purushottam, Amba-
bhikshu. In front of
Sundarananda’s room
in the late 1930s



Jotindranath Baul

From left: Jotindra Baul,
Jyotirmayee and


Ila Sen and her family.
Chitra & Amita in front.

Kesari N. Dikshit

Krishnalal by the Golconde
lily tank

Krishnalal - 1934

Krishnalal, Sundarananda,
Sanjivan, Vishnu, Romen

From left: Krishnalal,

Sanjivan, Romen,

Kusum Visanji Nagda

Madan Poddar

Maniben Patel

Maniben (centre) with
Pushpa, Mona, Ruth


Mrityunjoy Mukherjee


Mrityunjoy Mukherjee


Mona with Gauri

Mona with the ‘Golconde
girls’, the main supervisors
and workers Mridula,
Mona, Maniben, Kusum,
Lilou, (front) Pushpa,

Mona. 1960


Mona. August 1992

Mona doing the Golconde
accounts. 1993

Mona folding the washing

George Nakashima – 1937

George Nakashima

Sundarananda Nakashima

Sundarananda (name given
by Sri Aurobindo), Pavitra
and Anilbaran on the
Ashram terrace

Sundarananda with
workers on site

Sundarananda with his
friends, Romen,
Yogananda, Poornananda

From left: Dr. Nirodbaran,
Dr. Becharlal Bhatt

Noren Singh Nahar

Noren Singh Nahar

Chandubhai and
Noren Singh
outside Golconde

Pavitra in his office

Pavitra in his Atelier

Pavitra, Mrityunjoy, Mitran
and workers. Pavitra’s
Atelier in the Ashram
building, Jun 1931

Pavitra’s workshop in the
Ashram main building.
Abhay Singh Nahar, worker,
Pavitra, Arun Ganguli

Phutidi (last row, 3d from
right). Terrace Darshan,
Ashram courtyard

Phutidi (fragment of
previous photo)

Purani and Udar

Rajsena Nahar


François Sammer


Shanti 2nd from left,
with friends

Sumitra Nahar (center)

Tehmi with parents, niece
and nephew

Vishnu, Krishnalal, Sanjivan

Vithalbhai Tulsi – 1952


Udar Pinto

Udar, Amulya, Panu.
Harpagon Office – 1947

Panu, Udar, worker
Spray painting, 1947

Golconde tea basement
in the 40s Mona,
Mridula, Maniben, Kusum,
Udar, Beauty

Golconde tea basement
Bob, Udar, Sudarshan
Nagpal, Eckhard,

Uday Singh Nahar

Umirchand. 1930s

Parichand and Umirchand

Guests and VIPs

Karan Singh and wife
at the Savitri Painting
Exhibition, 21.10.70
with Kiran P.and Udar

Uveraj Karan Singh’s,
with his wife and other.
Madhav Pandit, Mona,
Udar, officials

Wil, Jo & Muriel of Matagiri,
with Poornanand and
Yoganand. 1976

Mme. Kobayashi with
friends. 1960

Mme. Kobayashi on the
stairs of Golconde

Admiral Tompkins with
Dimitri, Eckhard, Udar
and others

Admiral Rutledge Tompkins
with Udar

John Hunt with Udar. 1988

Dr. Masha.1960

Sri S.B. Dutt

Sri Prakash,
Governor of Madras

Jawaharlal Nehru’s visit

Indira Gandhi’s visit
November 1955

Golconda staff and maintenance of Golconde

The 1st batch of Golconde
workers. Gardeners and
boys in front line Sadhaks
and Sadhikas seated
(extreme left  Shivalingam,
resident gatekeeper).
Back row maids (extreme
right, paid gatekeeper)

The 1st batch of
Golconde helpers
and supervisors.

Golconde maids. 1979

Golconde maids. 1991

Golconde ladies. 1991

Golconde maids. 1999

Golconde Ladies. 1999

Golconde Staff. 2003

Making tea in the kitchen.
Mona, Maniben, Vasant P..
Kusum V.

In the Kuja room

Filling kujas with
filtered water

Cleaning bathrooms and
wash-basins daily

Working outside the
gardeners’ room

Service basement

Service basement

Service basement

Folding the washed clothes

Working in the tea-kitchen

Polishing the furniture

Changing bed clothes

Making residents’ bed

Arranging residents’
luggage in the
luggage room

Running the
washing machine

Drying clothes on
covered terrace

Clothes drying in covered
terrace. Water tank at the
centre left

Sorting out the clean clothes

Bed with foldable
mosquito-net supports

Mopping floor of
residents’ room

Amra doing the Golconde
accounts. 2011

East service corridor
drying the Kujas

Prof. volunteering for
gate duty

Golconde gatekeeper

Meeting a guest

Service stairs

Carrying the washing to
the terrace for drying

Trimming creepers


Watering the back lawn

South elevation

View of the Ashram from
Golconde construction site

View of Mother’s room
from Golconde. 2011

Hoisting Mother’s Flag
every Darshan day
and Sunday