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4 Shyam Pukur Street, Calcutta

Office of the Karmayogin and Dharma





4 Shyam Pukur Lane is the address given in contemporary documents for the office of the Karmayogin and Dharma newspapers. The photograph is identified as 4 Shyam Pukur Street. It is to be determined whether the house shown is the correct one — for the Shyam Bazar section of Calcutta contains both a Shyam Pukur Lane and a Shyam Pukur Street. (1-st issue of the “Karmayogin" - 19 June 1909, of the “Dharma” - 23 August 1909)


PHOTO ID: 00846

SOURCE: Archives and Research: A biannual journal.- Volume 7, No1 (1983, April).- 97 p. Plate 3.