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The Muraripukar Garden





The Muraripukar Garden was a piece of property located in "an obscure quarter of the suburb" of Maniktolla. Since the death of their father K.D. Ghose, it had been owned by Sri Aurobindo and his brothers. 32 Muraripukur Road consisted of a "rather large piece of ground", one hectare in extend, at the centre of which was a small "garden house". The place "had been allowed to run wild and a good deal of jungle had sprung up" (judge of Bomb Trial). In 1906 Sri Aurobindo had tried to sell it, but not find no one interested in a property "infested by monkeys".


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SOURCE: Archives and Research: A biannual journal.- Volume 5, No1 (1981, April).- 110 p.- Bibliography, pp. 95-110. Plate 4.