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The Mother's

Drawings - Undated

Two Symbols

Drawing 105. Pencil

The Mother has given explanations of these sketches in French (trans: "A crown with wings on a square of light. The wings, the crown and the arrow in white light above the square of white light surrounded by prismatic colours" and "The star of white light radiating very luminous rays of all colours, the oval less brilliant, also radiating rays and changing colours so as to have them all alternately").


Drawing 128. Pencil | 17,3x22 cm

Landscape with Two Figures

Drawing 127. Pencil | 14x22,5 cm

A Figure on the Crest of a Wave

Drawing 97. Pencil | 14x22,5 cm

This drawing has an occult origin

A Figure on a Mushroomlike Formation

Drawing 99. Pencil | 18x21 cm

This drawing has an occult origin

Two figures and a lion

Drawing 100. Pencil | 12 x 6.5 cm

A Fort on the Sea

Drawing 98. Pencil | 16x25 cm

This drawing has an occult origin

Study of a Flower

Drawing 117. Brush and ink | 18x12 cm

In Russian