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(February 2, 1903 - May 9, 1992), a disciple of Sri Aurobindo who long served as his personal attendant.

Born in Patan (Gujarat), he came to Pondicherry first in 1921 and finally in 1923. He says, "I came here with the object of God-realisation. Here I found the stress on Transformation. Very soon, however, both receded and service took hold of my being entirely."

From 1926 till 1938 only he and the Mother viewed Sri Aurobindo every day. Sat at Sri Aurobindo's bedside, when he broke his leg at Nov. 1938. Was near him during his death.

Some time after the passing of the Mother he took a vow of silence which he has kept ever since.



In English

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Champaklal as an Artist

•   .— Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram.— 87 pp.— ISBN: 81-7058-423-X.— hc Rs 500

With paintings by Champaklal. Regarding Champaklal's artistic capacity Sri Aurobindo once wrote in the 1930s "Champaklal has a natural talent already developed to an unusual degree." This commemorative album presents "Paintings, Drawings and Studies from Life" and "Paintings Created by Marbling Technique"

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Champaklal Speaks

•   / Edited by M. P. Pandit, Revised by Roshan.— 2d. ed. (revised).— Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press, 1976.— iv, 282 p. [6] leaves of plates: ill.; 22 cm.

Champaklal served both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as their personal attendant. Here are reminiscences and other material gathered during Champaklal’s long period of intimate contact with them.

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Champaklal’s Treasures

•   .— Berkeley: Sri Aurobindo Association, Incorporated, 1976.— 234 p.: ill.— ISBN/PRICE: 0890712794 TP; USD 5.50 R

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Lion of Light and Love

•   / edited by V. Madhusudan Reddy.— 127p.— 8.95 Rs

Reminiscences, anecdotes, messages, dream and vision interwoven into a remarkable, inspiring portrayal of one of Mother's and Sri Aurobindo's closest and dearest disciples

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Prayers and Aspirations

•   .— Sri Aurobindo Society.— 52 pp.— ISBN: 81-7060-061-8.— Rs 50

Champaklal (1903-1992)

Visions of Champaklal

•   / Compiled and edited by Roshan and Apurva.— 197 pp.— Rs 150

Vivid and spiritually symbolic glimpses into the luminous inner life of Champaklal, recounted in a diary-like form. Includes passages from Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's writings on the importance of spiritual dreams and visions. With full color reproductions of paintings depicting some of the visions

In Russian