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Rajnarayan Bose, Swarnalata’s father and Sri Aurobindo maternal grandfather lived in Deoghar. During 1872-77 Sri Aurobindo’s family used to go to Deoghar to stay with Rajnarayan Bose.

After his returning from England and till moving to Pondicherry, Sri Aurobendo used to visit Deoghare some times:

In February 1894 Sri Aurobindo stayed some time in Deoghar with his grandfather Rajnarain and his sister Sarojini.

In May 1901 Sri Aurobindo and his wife Mrinalini after the wedding went to Deoghar, where they spent a month with Sri Aurobindo’s relatives.

In September 1904, Sri Aurobindo and Barin went to Deoghar to be with their family.

In December 1906, Sri Aurobindo left Calcutta for Deoghar to recover his strength.

In February 1907, when fever persisted, Sri Aurobindo decided to return to Deoghar. This time he stayed here till April.

In October 1907, Sri Aurobindo once more visited Deoghar (together with his wife and sister).



Map of the North and Central parts


A map

Rajnarayan Bose, his house, Sri Aurobindo

Raj Narayan Basu (Bose)

Sri Aurobindo

in Deoghar

Circa 1894


Rajnarain’s house

20 cent.

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Deoghar, also spelled Deogarh, or Devagriha, the abode of the Gods, is the town, headquarters of the Sub-division of the same name in the district of Santhal Parganas, northeastern Bihar state, northeastern India. It was constituted a municipality in 1869. Population (1981) town, 52,904; metropolitan area, 59,120. Main Languages Hindi, Bihari, English.

The Muslim invader Bakhtiyar Khalji made Deoghar his capital in 1201 after the conquest of Bihar.

Deoghar is a major Hindu pilgrimage and a famous health resort. It has a group of 22 temples dedicated to Shiva, the ancient temple of Baba Baidyanath, which is one of the twelve ’jyotirlingas’ in India. Baidyanath Dham, situated in the Santhal Parganas of Bihar, is a very important piligrim centre. Numerous Buddhist ruins are nearby. Best time to visit: September to February.

Deoghar has a hospital, tuberculosis clinic, and leper asylum and houses several colleges (including a teacher-training institute) affiliated with Bhagalpur University.

It is a major rail and road junction and agricultural trade centre. Town is located four miles to the south-east of Jasidih Junction on the main line of the Eastern Railway from Howrah to Delhi. There is a small branch line of the same railway from Jasidih to Deoghar. The railway station at Deoghar is called Baidyanath Dham. Deogarh stands on an all-weather road connecting Calcutta with Delhi. Passenger buses run regularly from Bhagalpur, Dumka., Patna, Gaya, Monghyr, and other places in Bihar to Deogarh. Taxis and tangas are available at Deoghar. Tangas are available at Jaisidih railway station but not taxis.

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