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Naini Tal

In May 1901, Sri Aurobindo and his wife Mrinalini stayed here.




Sri Aurobindo and Mrinalini Devi


Naini Tal

House at Naini Tal where Sri Aurobindo with his wife Mrinalini was stayed at 1901

Naini Tal

House at Naini Tal, where Sri Aurobindo with his wife Mrinalini was stayed at 1901


Naini Tal (Nainital) is known for its salubrious climate and scenic beauty, the town is a popular health resort and attracts tourists around the year. The town is rich in scenic setting, service infrastructure and landscape perspectives where people from other parts of the country and even outside go for stay and excursions around the year. Nainital's peripheral tourist zone extends upto MulwaTal to the east where Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukachiatal have recently developed as tourist centres. These resorts have grown up as additional recreational grounds and can provide even to casual visitors holiday activities, canoeing and yachting. Like other hill resorts, Nainital attracts visitors during summer and autumn.

Town, northern Uttar Pradesh state, northern India. The town lies in the Siwalik Range. Founded in 1841, it is a popular resort, lying at 6,346 feet (1,934 m) above sea level. The town is built around a beautiful lake and is surrounded by forested hills. Naini Tal is linked by road with the rail terminus at Kathgodam, to the south. It is the site of St. Joseph's College and the summer seat of the state government. A disastrous landslide occurred there in 1880. Pop. (1981) town, 24,835; metropolitan area, 26,093.

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