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• 1888-1873

  • Dec. 18. Ismalun (née Pinto) Mira, Mother's maternal grandmother, was born in Cairo (Egypt) at a family of Egyptian banker Said Pinto

Ismaloun, Mira, Mother's maternal grandmother Drawing by the Mother
  • Marriage at Alexandria Mattéo Ismalun (1825 – 02.1887), Mother's maternal grandfather, and Mira Pinto.

  • July, 5. Moise Maurice Alfassa, the father of the Mother, was born at Adrianapole (Turkey).

  • Mira Ismalun visited Italy.

  • Dec. 18. Ismalun Mathilde (mother of the Mother) was born at Alexandria at a family of Mira and Matteo.

1870 6 April. Birth of Henri Francois Morisset, the Mother's first husband, in Paris.
  • Marriage Ismalun Mathilde and Maurice Alfassa in Alexandria.

  • July, 13 . Alfassa Matteo, older brother of the Mother, was born in Alexandria.

  • Alfassa's family moved to Paris.

  • February 21, 10.15 AM. The Mother, Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa,  was born at Paris, 62 boulevard Haussmann. Till 8 years she lived here. The building was not extant.

1883 5 years
  • From the age of five I was conscious that I did not belong to this word, that I did not have a human consciousness. My sadhana began at that age. " I started contemplating or doing my Yoga from the age of 4. There was a small chair for me on which I used to sit still, engrossed in meditation. A very brilliant light would then descend over my head and produce some turmoil inside my brain. Of course I understood nothing, it was not the age for understanding. But gradually I began to feel, 'I shall have to do some tremendously great work that nobody yet knows'. "

The Mother  (5 years)
1885 7 years
  • [About self-observing and self-studying] ... I was five or six or seven years old ... and I have a father who loved the circus, and he came and told me, "Come with me, I am going to the circus on Sunday". I said, "No, I am doing something much more interesting than going to the circus!"

The Mother. 1885 (7 years)
1886 8 years
  • 1886-1897. Moved to 3 rue Square du Roule, Parise (where she livedtill 1898).

The Mother with elder brother Matteo. 1886.
1887 9 years
  • She joined a small private school. She composed her first known writing, "The Path of Later On", as a school essay. On finishing school she received the prix  d'honneur.

1890 12 years
  • 28 August, French naturalization of Maurice Alfassa.

  • Mother's first experience: the "Revolution of Atoms."

  • I practised occultism when I was twelve. I begin to work upon my nights in order to make them conscious... If one could create a magnificent story without any horror in it, nothing but beauty, it would have a considerable influence on everyone's life.

  • Between eleven and twelve a series of psychic and spiritual experiences revealed to me not only the existence of God but man's possibility of union with Him, of realisation Him integrally in consciousness and action, of manifesting Him upon earth in a life divine. This, along with practical discipline for its fulfilment, was given to me during my body's sleep by several teachers, some of whom I met afterwards on the physical plane. Later on, as the interior and exterior development proceeded, the spiritual and psychic relation with one of these beings became more and more clear and frequent; and although I knew little of the Indian philosophies and religions at that time I was led to call him Krishna, and henceforth I was aware that it was with him (whom I know meet on earth one day) that the divine work was to be done.

  • Starting of painting.

1891 13 years
  • When I was a child of about thirteen, for nearly a year every night as soon as I had gone to bed  it seemed to me that I went out of my body and rose straight up above the house, then above the city, very high above. Then I used to see myself clad in a magnificent golden robe, much longer than myself; and as I rose higher, the robe would stretch, spreading out in a circle around me to form a kind of immense roof over the city. Then I would see men, women, children, old men, the sick, the unfortunate coming out from every side; they would gather under the outspread robe, begging for help, telling of their miseries, their suffering, their hardships. In reply, the robe, supple and alive, would extend towards each one of them individually, and as soon as they had touched it, they had come out of them. Nothing seemed more beautiful to me, nothing could make me more happier; and all the activities of the day seemed to me dull and colourless and without any real life, beside this activity of the night which was the true life for me.

The Mother. 1891 (13 years old)
1893 15 years
  • A trip at Italy with Mathilde, her mother. During visit at Palazzo Ducale in Venice she had relived a scene from a past life wherein she was strangled and thrown out into the canal. Also the Mother told on her other births. She named her incarnations - queen Hatshepsut and queen Tiy.
              Hatshepsut, queen of Egypt (reigned in her own right c. 1472-58 BC) who attained unprecedented power for a queen, adopting the full titles and regalia of a pharaoh. Hatshepsut, the daughter of King Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose, was married to her half brother, Thutmose II. Since her two brothers, who normally would have succeeded to the throne, died prematurely, she and Thutmose II came to the throne after King Thutmose died in about 1512. Her husband probably reigned no more than three or four years, and Hatshepsut thereupon became regent for his son, Thutmose III, born of a minor woman of the harem. Heiress to a line of influential queens, Hatshepsut then took effective control of the government, while young Thutmose III served as a priest of the god Amon. For a short time Hatshepsut presented herself as the young king's regent, but sometime in Thutmose III's first seven years she ordered herself crowned as pharaoh and adopted a Horus name (a royal name limited to kings) and the full pharaonic regalia, including a false beard, also traditionally worn only by the king. An essential element of Hatshepsut's success was a group of loyal and influential officials who controlled all the key positions in her government. Emphasizing administrative innovation and commercial expansion, Queen Hatshepsut dispatched a major seaborne expedition to Punt, the African coast at the southernmost end of the Red Sea. Gold, ebony, animal skins, baboons, processed myrrh, and living myrrh trees were brought back to Egypt, the trees to adorn the foreground of the Queen's famous Dayr al-Bahri temple in western Thebes. She also received large quantities of tribute from Asia, Nubia, and Libya. The numerous products of trade and tribute were partially devoted to the state god Amon-Re, in whose honour Hatshepsut undertook an extensive building program. She claimed that she restored the damage wrought by the Hyksos (earlier Asian kings) during their rule in Egypt. In the temple at Karnak (Thebes), she renovated her father's hall, introduced four great obelisks nearly 100 feet (30 m) tall, and added a fine chapel. At Beni-Hasan, in Middle Egypt, she built a rock-cut temple known in Greek as Speos Artemidos. Her supreme achievement was the splendid temple at Dayr al-Bahri. Designed as a funerary monument for Hatshepsut and her father, it contains reliefs that record the major events of her reign. She also cut a large tomb for herself in the Valley of the Kings, another strictly pharaonic prerogative. Its burial chamber was intended to lie behind her funerary temple, and she also planned to move her father's mummy into her own tomb. Her attention to Thutmose I was intended to emphasize her legitimate succession directly from him through the agency of Amon-Re, whom she claimed as her actual father. Hatshepsut's ambition, however, encountered that of the energetic Thutmose III, who had become head of the army. As she and her loyal officials aged, his party grew stronger. The early death of her daughter, whom she married to Thutmose III, may have contributed to her decline. Whether Hatshepsut died naturally or was deposed and slain is uncertain.
              Queen Tiy (b. c. 1400 BC, Ipu, Egypt--d. c. 1340), the mother of pharaon Akhenaton, also called Neferkheperure Amenhotep IV, pharaon of Egypt (c. 1350-1334 BC) and husband of Nefertiti, whose beauty is known through contemporary portrait busts. Akhenaton was the last important ruler of the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom and notable for adopting, and eventually virtually identifying himself with, Aton, or Aten, the sun god or solar disc, whom he believed to be a universal, omnipresent spirit and the sole creator of the universe. Tiy was one of the most illustrious queens of Egypt. She was the daughter of Yuya, the commander of the Egyptian chariotry and overseer of the cattle of the local god Min; her mother, Thuya, was also an Egyptian. Although she was not of royal blood, Tiy became the favoured wife of Amenhotep III (reigned 1390-53 BC), a powerful king of the 18th dynasty, who gave her considerable prominence in state affairs and in public ceremonies; her name appeared with the king's on official documents. She was the mother of Amenhotep IV, or Akhenaton, and was one of his circle of advisers after his accession. Her mummy, which is kept in the Egyptian Museum at Cairo, was identified in 1976.

  • Between 1893 and 1897 the Mother attended  one of the art studios of the Academie Julian (founded by Rodolphe Julian in 1868) in Paris. Though the youngest, she was sought by students as an arbiter in their disputies. She was often grave and remained busy with her work and they used to call her the Sphinx. Six of the works by the Mother were exhibited at the Salon de la Societe nationale des Beaux-Arts.

The Mother. 1895-6
1897 19 years
  • Oct. 13. Marriage with Henri Morisset. New address - Atelier, 15 rue Lemercier, Paris

  • Between the age of nineteen and twenty I had achieved conscious and constant union with the Divine Presence and... I had done so all by myself, with absolutely nobody to help me, not even books!

The Mother. 1897
The Mother. 1897
1898 20 years
  • Aug. 23. Birth of the son - Andre Morisset

The Mother with her son Andre
1899 21 years
  • "It was about twenty-one - I met a man, an Indian... who told me about the Gita... He gave me the key... The man said,  "Read the Gita, and take Krishna as the symbol of the immanent Divine, the inner Divine"... Well in one month the whole work was done!"

1904 26 years
  • The first vision of Sri Aurobindo

1905 27 years
  • The first meeting with Max Theon

Max Theon
1906 28 years
  • Organisation of group "Idea"

  • July-October trip to Tlemcen, Algeria, to study occultism with the Theons..

The Mother at Algeria. 1903-05
Theon's house in Tlemcen, Algeria. The Mother is looking out of window
1907 29 years
  • Next trip to Tlemcen, Algeria
1908 30 years
  • Divorced from Henri Morisset

  • Moved to 49 rue de Levis, Paris

1910 32 years
  • Marriage of Mirra to Paul Richard. They lived on Rue du Val de Grace, in a small house at the far end of a garden with two entrances from the street, numbered 9 and 11.
            " Well-well ! The house on Val de Grace! It looks inhabited, there are curtains on the windows. I lived there - a small house, very small, with a room on top. Here, it's the drawing-room, this is the studio. Then, behind the kitchen, there was a small room that served me as dining room and it opened onto a courtyard. Between this dining room and the kitchen there was a bathroom and a tiny antechamber. Here is the kitchen; you went up three steps, there was a tiny antechamber with stairs that led to the room. Next to the room, there was a toilet about as big as a thimble. "It's part of a big house. There's a seven-storey apartment building on each side, and the street is here. "It wasn't very big. But the studio was fairly large - a beautiful room.... That's where I used to receive Madame David-Neel - we saw each other almost every evening. There was a large library in the studio - the library took up the whole far end of the room - more than two thousand books belonging to my brother. There were some complete sets of classics. And I had my entire collection of the Cosmic Review, as well as my postcard collection - it was down below. The postcards were mostly from Algeria, Tlemcen - about two hundred. But there were five years of the Cosmic Review. And written in such a French! It was most funny."
            Andre was a regular visitor to Val de Grace. "After my father and mother divorced. Mother married Paul Richard, and they came to live on Rue du Val de Grace." Andre was around twelve. "I used to go and have lunch with them every Sunday. After lunch, specially when the weather was bad, we would go to the studio. Paul Richard stretched out on a couch, lit his pipe, and they started working. That is, my mother wrote in her own handwriting what he dictated. I could not help but notice that Mother was rectifying most of Paul's dictation." Andre added, "This small house, at the back of a garden, or more precisely of a fairly large courtyard with a few trees, stretching in front of a big apartment house, was strikingly cosy and very comfortable."

  • Apr. The first visit of Paul Richard at Pondicherry.

Home of the Mother in Paris on Rue-du-Grace where she lived during 1911-1914 and 1915-1916
Home of the Mother in Paris on Rue-du-Grace where she lived during 1911-1914 and 1915-1916
Paul Richard


1911 33 years
  • Beggining of Prayers and Meditations

1912 34 years
  • ... a small group (20 people) of seekers met regularly with the aim of gainig self-knowlwgw and self-mastery. At that time the Mother formulated the aim -
             (1) For each individually, to be conscious in himself of the Divine Presence and to identify himself with it.
             (2) To individualise the states of being that were never till now conscious in man and, by that, to put the earth in connection with one or more of the fountains of universal force that are still sealed to it.
             (3) To speak again to the world the eternal word under a new form adapted to its present mentality. It will be the synthesis of all human knowledge.
             (4) Collectively, to establish an ideal society in a propitious spot for the flowering of the new race, the race of the Sons of God.

1914 36 years
  • March 7, the Mother embarked for India aboard the Kaga Maru.

  • March 29. Mirra and Paul Richard reached Pondicherry. The first meeting of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Paul offer Sri Aurobindo published a journal with synthesis of Sri Aurobindo's philosophical ideas. Mirra, when she saw Sri Aurobindo, acknowledge at him that man who guided her spiritual development. She stayed at Pondicherry till Febr. 1915.

1915 37 years
  • 21 Febr. The first birthday of the Mother at Pondicherry

  • February 22, Mother leaves Pondicherry for France aboard the Kaga Maru. "I had to depart. He did not hold me. What might I do? I departed but left with him my psychic being". It was very dangerous: "doctors already  believe that it's all up with me".

1916 38 years
  • March 13. The Mother embarks at London aboard the Kaga Maru for Japan.

1920 42 years
  • Apr. 24. The Mother returned at Pondicherry from Japan.

  • November 24, The Mother comes to live near Sri Aurobindo in the Guest House at Rue Francois Martin.

  • December. Paul Richard tripped at the North India during all year

1922 44 years
  • Jan. The Mother began control over the house. Beginning of regular evening talks and group meditations.

  • Sept.-Oct., Sri Aurobindo and Mother take up residence at 9 rue de la Marine, the present Ashram building.

1926 45 years
  • November 24, Siddhi Day. Sri Aurobindo withdraws. Official founding of the Ashram. There were 24 disciples at Ashram.

1927 49 years
  • Febr. 8 Sri Aurobindo and the Mother moved to Rue Francoi Martin, where they stayed for their lives.

  • There were 36 disciples at Ashram.

1928 50 years
  • Publication of "The Mother"

1930 52 years
  • There were 85 disciples at Ashram.

1931 53 years
  • Oct. 18. Serious condition of the Mother. Sri Aurobindo demanded from disciples to leave her alone. After recovery, the Mother began take the air at her balcony   - тso spontaneous were arose everyday "balcony darshans" lasted till 1962, when the Mother stopped leave her room.

1934 56 years
  • There were 150 disciples at Ashram.

1937 59 years
  • Oct. 10. Beginning of building of "Golconda" at Pondicherry at 1937-1947.

1938 60 years
  • There were 172 disciples at Ashram.

1940 62 years
  • Sept. 19. Declaration of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in support of Allies.

1942 64 years
  • There were 350 disciples at Ashram.

1943 65 years
  • Dec. 2. Foundation of the school at Ashram that latter become International Centre of Education

1945 67 years
  • Andre Morisset's arrival to Pondicherry.

1949 71 years
  • Febr. 21. The first issue of the Bulletin of Physical Education

1950 72 years
  • There were 750 disciples at Ashram.

  • Dec. 5. 01:26. Sri Aurobindo left his body.

  • Dec. 9. the body of Sri Aurobindo placed at Samadhi.

1956 78 years
  • Febr. 29. Golden Day. The Mother opened the gold gates of Supramental and it might from that moment freely effuse itself upon Earth.

1958 80 years
  • April 29. During browsing Indian film "Druva", the Mother heard mantra OM NAMO BHAGAVATE and found that it benefits cells of her body. (By the way, it is not amounts to that everybody can use it because of "It is absolutely individually...")

  • December 9. Disease. The Mother secluded. Only at Jan. 15, 1959 she began take the air at her balcony

1960 82 years
  • The beginning of Agenda

1962 84 years
  • Jan. The experience of full supramentalisation of the vital.

  • March 16. Adverse attack. Very serious condition.

  • Apr 2. 11-12 AM. The Mother detected the source of this attack. Meeting with asuric being which imitates shape of Sri Aurobindo.

  • Apr. 3. Continuation of the attack. "The fight is within the body. It can't go on. They must be defeated or else this body is defeated... All depends on what the Lord decides..."

  • Apr. 12. Night. Full awareness of the Yoga of the world. The certitude that what is to be done is DONE. "Supramental Truth will be expressed totally, integrally".

  • July 24. Full supramental power at first came in at the body of the Mother. The Mother was at the supramental world two days.  Meeting with Sri Aurobindo.

1967 89 years
  • Jan. 14 "Because of the necessities of the transformation, this body may enter a state of trance that will appear cataleptic... Above all, no doctors! This body  mast be left in peace. Do not hasten, either, to announce my death and to give the government the right to intervene. Keep me carefully sheltered from all injuries that may come from outside - infection, poisoning, etc.- and have UNTIRING patience: it may last days, perhaps weeks, perhaps even longer, and you will have to wait patiently for me to come naturally out of that state once the work of transformation is accomplished."

1968 90 years
  • Febr. 28. At 10 km. to the North from Pondicherry representatives from 124 countries came together. The Mother read off the charter of Auroville.

  • Apparently serious condition of the body, it is helpless. Mental and vital once more excluded.  Four hours the stayed at supramental world. "Powerful and lasting penetration of supramental forces into the body, from all quarters, simultaneously... Penetration into the body, yes. I had experienced penetration of flows some times but this night all occurred as if there were nothing but supramental atmosphere. Nothing else but it. And my body remained at it. And it pressed on the body, trying to penetrate into it - from all quarters, simultaneously... from all quarters."

1970 92 years
  • Mother speaks less and less. At Agenda constantly, "I have nothing to say"; "body does not like to speak... I elect to say nothing at all... I can not speak...."

  • July 1. "I had an experience interested for me because I have if at the first time... Here was Rijuta, over here, right opposite me, and I saw her psychic being which towered above her so far [gesture — about 20 sm.]. It was the first time. Her physical being was little, but psychic — so tall. And it was agamic being, not man and not woman. And then I told to myself, 'It is psychic being that will manifested at Matter and will be supramental being!'"

1972 94 years
  • March 24. The Mother's vision of her supramental body.

  • April 13. "It is psychic being,  representative of the Divine at man, that overlives, that accomplishes transition to the new species."

  • June 24. "It is necessary that everybody find his psychic and definitively united with it. It is through psychic that Supramental will manifest itself."

1973 95 years
  • May 20. Bhattacharya said that Mother lost all control over her body. Any meetings absolutely stopped.

  • November 10. Everyday medical examination by Prabat Sanyan.

  • November 14. The Mother asked Pranab Bhattacharya and Champaklal, "Help me to walk". After an attempt  she became very pal. After 20 minutes she asked again. Bhattacharya and Champaklal refused to do it.

  • November 15. The Mother once more repeat her request  and once more got denial. After this she did not ask them.

  • November 17. D-r Sanyan made massage of the heart. 19:25. Constating the death.

  • November 20. The body placed at Samadhi.