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Champaklal Speaks


Part V: Notes and Memos of the Mother

Notes and Memos of the Mother

My Lord, make the consciousness clear and precise, the speech thoroughly true, the surrender complete, the calm absolute and transform the whole being in an ocean of light and love.


A resplendent sun rises above the horizon. It is your Lord that comes to you.

The whole world awakes and stretches in delight at the contact of His glory.

As the earth that heaves and opens, as the tree that grows, as the flower that blossoms, as the bird that sings, as the man that loves, let His light permeate you and radiate it in an ever-increasing and widening happiness, a happiness steadily moving onward as the stars move in heaven.

And if difficulties come across your way do not allow them to stop you. Simply push them aside with the power of your breath. If they persist, trample them under foot. If they yield, change them into new light and go, go, go….


I have a sweet little mother sitting close in my heart.

We are so happy together; never will we part.



Mon visage est devenu comme un miroir dans lequel chacun peut voir se refléter l’image de sa condition interne.

From many instances I have come to know that my face is like a mirror showing to each one the image of his own internal condition.



Three things indispensable to begin with:

Absolute sincerity in the whole being and all its activities.

Complete self-surrender without any reservation.

Patient work on oneself and at the same time a steady conquering of perfect unshakable peace and equanimity.



My Lord, I will not try to escape from the work Thou hast given me. Wherever Thou placest my consciousness, it will remain without any attempt to rise to the blissful heights. Even if Thou willest it to be in the mud of the most material nature, it will stay there peaceful and at rest. But wherever it is, it cannot be without aspiring towards Thee, opening to Thy influence and calling Thee down into itself as the sole reality of its existence.


Every thought of my mind, each emotion of my heart, every movement of my being, every feeling and every sensation, each cell of my body, each drop of my blood, all, all is yours, yours absolutely, yours without reserve. You can decide my life or my death, my happiness or my sorrow, my pleasure or my pain; whatever you do with me, whatever comes to me from you will lead me to the Divine Rapture.



Greed, greed, always greed … is the response of material nature. In whatever way the Divine manifests there, it becomes at once an object of covetousness. A rush to appropriate, an endeavour to rob, exploit, squeeze, swallow and in the end crush down the Divine, this is the receptivity of matter to the divine touch.

O My Lord, Thou comest as the Redeemer and these would make of Thee a dupe! Thou comest for union, for transformation, for realisation, and they think only of absorption and selfish increase.



If it is the Will of the Supreme that those who depend on me should have no faith in me, I have nothing to say. I am responsible only for the absoluteness of my own sincerity.


I wanted to make him understand and experience that the thought, the feeling and the force that is in a gift is much more important and valuable than the thing given itself.


O mon coeur, sois assez grand pour la Victoire.

Let my heart be big enough for Thy Victory.


I suggest the same remedy as the one I was using in my childhood when disagreeing with my young playmates. I was at that time, as you are, very sensitive and I felt hurt when abused by them, especially by those to whom I had always shown only sympathy and kindness. I used to tell myself, “Why be sorry and feel miserable? If they are right in what they say, I have only to be glad for the lesson and correct myself; if they are wrong, why should I worry about it, it is for them to be sorry for their mistake. In both cases the best and the most dignified thing I can do is to remain strong, quiet and unmoved.”

This lesson which I was giving to myself and trying to follow when I was eight years old, still holds good in all similar cases.


[Regarding J’s accident]

Here is a sad but striking illustration of what I said.

This case is dear. For some egoistic reason he attempted to do more than he could.

If the year had been good he might have succeeded.

With an ordinary or neutral year he would not have succeeded but without bad results for himself or for the others.

This year because it is dangerously bad, the consequences came in full. Now all I can do is to make the best out of the situation; but it has become a big fight.

This is what I meant when I spoke; but very few people understood what I meant by the “careful”. I meant “Do always the best you can and make as far as possible no spiritual mistake.” On the contrary, most of them started fearing and that in itself is already a big spiritual mistake. Instead of being more vigilant and more faithful, most of them at once opened the door to the hostile suggestions and aggravated the situation. Some went even so far as to blame me for having spoken, not understanding that if I cannot warn the people here and advise them to keep firm in the right attitude, it means that they are not true sadhaks and have no sincerity in their attitude.

In order to make myself more clear, I repeat what I wanted to say: In a year like this one when the adverse forces have decided to attack at the utmost of their capacity, it is required from all those who have decided to fight for the Divine Realisation, to avoid carefully all fear.

When I spoke at the beginning of the year I insisted on the necessity of being especially vigilant because when times are bad, whatever mistake one makes it brings immediately its full consequences, the action of the Grace being hampered by the intensity of the adverse attack; the faith must be more total, the vigilance more constant, the trust in the Divine more absolute.



Je sais que je ne peux pas grand chose – je ne puis satisfaire le besoin humain de merveilles et de miracles. Il fut un temps où je le pouvais et je le faisais. Mais pour cela il faut vivre dans la conscience vitale et utiliser les forces vitales, ce qui n’est pas très recommandable.

I know that I cannot do much. I cannot satisfy the human desire for wonders and miracles. There was a time when I could and did do it. But for that one must live in the vital consciousness and use vital forces. Which is not very recommendable1.


I wish

1) personally to be eternally the perfect expression of the Supreme Divine.

2) that the supramental victory, manifestation and transformation should take place at once.

3) that all suffering should disappear for ever from the worlds present and future.



It is never work that makes me tired; it is when I am compelled to work in an atmosphere of dissatisfaction, despondency, doubt, misunderstanding and bad will, then each step forward represents an enormous effort and tells on the body more than ten years of normal work.



For the last few days when I wake up in the morning I have the strange sensation of entering a body that is not mine – my body is strong and healthy, full of energy and life, supple and harmonious, and this one fulfills none of these qualities; the contact with it becomes painful; there is a great difficulty in adapting myself to it and it takes a long time before I can overcome this uneasiness.


It is a way of saying, a crude description of something that actually happens but is much more subtle than that.

If I were busy with one single person I could keep perhaps in my memory such precisions, but as I am consciously dealing with more than a thousand people such precise details are not usually noted – and it is not necessary also,– because the Consciousness always does the work in the way it has to be done.



I do not give positions to the sadhaks – I give them work – and to all I give an equal opportunity. It is those who prove to be most capable and most sincere, honest and faithful who will have a bigger amount of work and the greatest responsibility.


I am glad that through experience you have become conscious of the fact that I am with you.

This is the true relation between us, much more than a superficial contact.

1) Here, at the Ashram, our aim is to express a higher Truth, not to follow the ordinary human conventionalities.

I do not give to these official documents any undue importance. They are mere necessities in the present condition of the world, but do not correspond to any deep reality.

2) In the actualities of life the power of a man does not depend on an official title, but on the force and the light of his inner consciousness.


The Lord and his Shakti

God and his devotee

The father and his child

The master and his disciple

The Beloved and Lover

The Friend and co-worker

The child and his mother.


A being free from all bondages, flying from height to height in a happy seeking for Divine transformation.


[Regarding Savitri]

1) The daily record of the spiritual experiences of the individual who has written.

2) A complete system of yoga which can serve as a guide for those who want to follow the integral sadhana.

3) The yoga of the Earth in its ascension towards the Divine.

4) The experiences of the Divine Mother in her effort to adapt herself to the body she has taken and the ignorance and the falsity of the earth upon which she has incarnated.


[While looking at the Samadhi:]

I do not want to be worshipped. I have come to work, not to be worshipped; let them worship Thee to their heart’s content and leave me, silent and hidden, to do my work undisturbed – and of all veils the body is the best.


1 The first two sentences of this translation were made by the Mother. – Editor