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The Mother


Volume 2

January 29, 1961

My legs are tired....

(Mother looks at T's questions on Sri Aurobindo's Aphorisms.)

53 – The quarrels of religious sects are like the disputing of pots, which shall be alone allowed to hold the immortalizing nectar. Let them dispute, but the thing for us is to get at the nectar in whatever pot and attain immortality.

What is this nectar of immortality?

This consciousness of immortality... is OUR becoming conscious of the realms where immortality exists; but to bring immortality into the physical consciousness requires not only a transformation of physical consciousness but a transformation of physical substance as well. So....

*   *

(Concerning the last conversation where Mother spoke of the essential Sound, or the “Word” of the Vedic Rishis.)

I promised Nolini I would show him this.

Yes, Mother, this is a problem.... Often when you tell me things of such importance I feel I benefit from them quite egoistically – could they be shown to Pavitra now and then? Do you want them to be kept absolutely confidential, or may I show them to Pavitra occasionally?

It depends.... You can tell Sujata whatever you like.

I have never said anything. I never say a word.

You can tell her anything you like, it doesn't matter – just tell her to keep it to herself.

But otherwise.... Some of the things you note down I just put away. But some I show to Nolini (of them all, Nolini is the one who can best understand). I give him certain things to read, but otherwise, no. It is completely different between us, as I told you – completely different. If you benefit from it, so much the better! If it helps you in your inner development, good, I have no objection – on the contrary. It's quite natural, the natural consequence of our meetings.

But if while speaking with Sujata you feel that something might help her, I have no objection to your telling her – simply say that it's between the two of you.

So far, I haven't said anything. You know how I am: I keep quiet, I don't say a word.

Oh, yes, that's best. Because one must absolutely beware.... But as I said, with her I have no objection.

*   *

A short while later:

It continues. Now they have begun attacking my legs – they always have to find something new!

Your legs are giving you trouble?

For a long time. It began in the middle of November. I saw the symbol of it only recently,1 but the battle itself has been going on since mid-November.


You shouldn't have to suffer too much from this.

I feel all kinds of....

Yes, yes, of course, it's inevitable. But you must call in tranquillity, that's the only thing.... It keeps coming and coming from all sides; but when you feel things going badly, when you're uneasy or thoroughly upset, you must remember to call in tranquillity.

But it's about you, directed against you, all sorts of suggestions that make me....

That want to cut you off from me. Yes, I know perfectly well. It's like that for everybody, not just for you.

We must keep going right to the end, that's all – there's nothing else to do.


1 Experience of January 22 (the artificial hurricane).









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