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The Mother


Volume 2

June 17, 1961

So far, the meditations with X are much better than last time. Today especially it was very good.

It's a contemplation going right up to the Supreme, with a constant, continuous Descent: something which doesn't waver the whole time (“doesn't waver” – I mean doesn't vary), during the whole meditation. But if I ask him what happened, he'll tell me a little story!

Yesterday I saw N. and he told me, “Oh! X had an experience during the meditation with you this morning.” “Ah!” I said to myself, “This is going to be interesting.” (I was wrong to think so, by the way, even for a quarter of a second.) “Yes,” he told me, “he saw what seemed to be a transparent golden veil descending over you; and by your side were flowers like roses, or colored like roses, with the feet of a child upon them.”

All the “psychics” tell you such stories!

It was the same thing yesterday, the same Experience, only less strong and less continuous. But all these petty imageries don't interest me.

So I don't ask him anything.

Do you mean that different people can see different things under the same circumstances? The phenomenon isn't objective?

Oh, it depends entirely upon the plane in which you find yourself! No, five different people will see five different things. Only when one is in marvelous accord, in an identical vibration, as happened to me with Sri Aurobindo.... But that never took the form of little stories!

Whenever there was a special force descending, or an opening, or a supramental manifestation, we would know it at the same time, in the same manner. And we didn't even need to talk about it; we would sometimes exchange a word or two concerning the consequences, the practical effects on the work, but that's all. I never had this with anyone except Sri Aurobindo.

There have been times when I did things for people and they sensed exactly what I had done. It has happened. It is rather rare, but still it has happened.

But I see more and more that the realm where my experience is situated is.... Well, it only worked with Sri Aurobindo!

*   *

(At the end of the conversation, Satprem complains to Mother of the tiresome task of eating, and asks her if he couldn't cut it down drastically.)

The time has not yet come when we can stop eating. Never in my life has food interested me; there have been long periods when I ate almost nothing. One day I said to myself, “Why lose so much time eating?” And the reply was, “Don't stop yet, wait; that's not your look-out.”

After that I decided I would encourage everyone to eat!

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