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Paintings - Japan

Japanese Poet Hirasawa Tetsuo

1916 - 1920

Plate 30. Oil on board | 19,5x14 cm

This excellent portrait of poet and artist Hirasawa Tetsuo is still in fairly good condition. It was done in one sitting. Hirasawa later visited the Mother in Pondicherry (October 1924)

Kobayashi in her Room

1917 - 1918

Plate 31. Oil on canvas | 32,5x44 cm

This portrait of the Motherís friend Nobuko Kobayashi was done in Kyoto. She is here preparing some medicine


Snow on a Tree

1917 - 1918

Plate 37. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

Snow on a tree in a Kyoto garden. Signed: MA (mono≠gram)

Portrait of Mrs. Kobayashi

1917 - 1918

Plate 44. Oil on ivory

A miniature on ivory done in Japan and presented to Madame Kobayashi

Mrs. Okhawa in her Balcony


Plate 33. Oil on canvas | 32,5x44 cm

This portrait of Mrs. Okhawa in a balcony overlooking Noshiri Lake was probably done when the Mother stayed with her in Kyoto one summer. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated: MA (monogram)


Trees of Daiunji Temple


Plate 35. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

The Mother and Paul Richard visited the Daiunji temple in Sarashina, about 200 km northwest of Tokyo, between 12 and 15 September 1918. Plates 36 and 41 and drawings Nos. 131 and 132 (p. 144) were also done here. Oil on board. Signed: MA (mono≠gram)

Roof of Daiunji Temple


Plate 36. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

Signed: MA (monogram)

Scroll of Daiunji Temple


Plate 41. Ink on paper | 136x37 cm

This scroll was done on Japanese paper and mounted as a kakemono. For the calligraphic writing in Japanese

In Russian