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Paintings - Pondicherry

Divine Consciousness Emerging from the Inconscient

1920 - 1925

Plate 1. Oil on board | 13,5x8,5 cm.

The title was given by the Mother. The painting exemplifies the spontaneous, unpremeditated character of a good part of her later work. The story behind it helps to explain its "modern" appearance. During the early 1920s Sri Aurobindo’s brother, Barin, was doing some oil painting under the Mother’s guidance. As is the common practice of artists, a small board was kept for depositing the surplus paint left on the palette after each session. A random mixture of colours covered most of the surface of this board. One day when Barin had finished his work the Mother asked for the palette and, with the remaining paint, gave a few deft brush strokes to the centre of the board covered with old palette-scrapings. Thus the painting was completed.

An Apparition

1920 - 1930

Plate 24. Oil on board | 11,5x9 cm

This painting, done in Pondicherry, is not traceable at present. The colour reproduction is made from an earlier print, which had the title "The Moon Goddess (’Apparition’)". There was a first sketch for it - see drawings / Pondicherry.

Image of Buddha

1920 - 1930

Plate 39. Oil on board | 14x8,5 cm

This small painting was probably started by a student and finished by the Mother

Goddess Kwannon


Plate 45

A painting of the Japanese goddess Kwannon, Goddess of Mercy. It was done for the cover of a book in Bengali by Nolini Kanta Gupta, NarirKatha

Flower Study

1950 - 1980

Plate 46. Oil on board | 17,5x14,5 cm

Study of a rose in oils to demonstrate the technique of oil-painting to a student.

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