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Divine Consciousness Emerging from the Inconscient

1920 - 1925

Plate 1. Oil on board | 13,5x8,5 cm.

The title was given by the Mother. The painting exemplifies the spontaneous, unpremeditated character of a good part of her later work. The story behind it helps to explain its "modern" appearance. During the early 1920s Sri Aurobindoís brother, Barin, was doing some oil painting under the Motherís guidance. As is the common practice of artists, a small board was kept for depositing the surplus paint left on the palette after each session. A random mixture of colours covered most of the surface of this board. One day when Barin had finished his work the Mother asked for the palette and, with the remaining paint, gave a few deft brush strokes to the centre of the board covered with old palette-scrapings. Thus the painting was completed.

Lady on the Staircase


Plate 2. Oil on canvas | 50x44,5 cm

"This is the interior of the Manoir de Cantepie in Normandy, France. I spent some time there and did some paintings" (Mother India, Jan. 1983, p.22.)

Interior with Bright Vases


Plate 3. Oil on canvas | 45,5x62 cm

The painting has darkened so much that no proper reproduction is possible. Nothing of the original colours and detailed work can seen

A Musicianís Room


Plate 4. Oil on canvas | 58,5x71 cm

Interior of the house of the composer Camille Erlanger. The colours have lost their original charm.

A Landscape with Church Tower

1897 - 1908

Plate 5. Oil on board | 15x20,5 cm

This painting was executed at Taverns near the country home of the Morissets in Beaugency on the Loire. It has deteriorated and the freshness of the colours ia lost

A Chair

1897 - 1908

Plate 6. Oil on board | 21x13 cm

A painting done in the studio of Abel Faivre, a famous caricaturist

Two White Vases

1897 - 1908

Plate 7. Oil on board | 13,5x21 cm

An Interior with a Vase

1897 - 1908

Plate 8. Oil on board | 14,5x20,5 cm

An Interior

1897 - 1908

Plate 9. Oil on board | 21,5x14 cm

An Interior

1897 - 1908

Plate 10. Oil on board | 21,5x13 cm


1893 - 1897

Plate 11. Oil on canvas | 26x39 cm

This painting won a first prize in Paris, probably at one of the monthly competitions at the Academie Julian. It had the charm and clarity of brush strokes now noticed with difficulty. Oil on canvas. 26 x 39 cm. 1893-97. France

A Friendís Garden


Plate 12. Oil on board | 13,5x18 cm

The Mother is reported to have said that while meditating in this garden, she had the experience of identity with the earth. The garden may be that of Themanlys in Courseulles, Normandy. The colours of the painting have deteriorated

The Studio of an Artist

1897 - 1908

Plate 13. Oil on canvas | 44,5x45 cm

This painting was done in the studio of Charles Duvent, a painter. It has darkened so much that the colour reproduction is only as good as a black and white reproduction. It is being reproduced for its documentary value

A Room in a Castle

1897 - 1908

Plate 14. Oil on board | 18x26 cm

Probably a room in the Chateau de Beaugency. The colours have deteriorated

The Hearth

1897 - 1908

Plate 15. Oil on board | 17x13 cm

The colours have cracked and have made furrows

Interior of a Library

1897 - 1908

Plate 16. Oil on canvas | 50x40 cm

It seems this was done in the Musee de CIuny, Paris. The painting has darkened so much that the reproduction is not clear. The colours are also peeling off. There is some doubt about its authorship. The reproduction in this was done after restoration, but is not true to the colours of the original. The damaged painting, before restoration, is shown in black and white at the end


Early Study


Plate 17. Oil on canvas | 59x44,5 cm

Early Study


Plate 18. Oil on canvas | 54x48 cm

Early Study


Plate 19. Oil on canvas | 54x44 cm

Theonís House, "Zarif"


Plate 20. Oil on board

Theon is seen with his dog. This painting is in the collection of Pascal Themanlys, whose father first introduced the Mother to Theon. It is reproduced here from photographic prints supplied by him

Theonís House

1906 - 1907

Plate 21. Oil on board

Theonís Garden

1906 - 1907

Plate 22. Oil on board

This painting is in the collection of Pascal Themanlys, whose father first introduced the Mother to Theon. It is reproduced here from photographic prints supplied by him

A Vision

1903 - 1908

Plate 23. Oil on board | 13x21 cm

The Mother said she did this painting in France and did not have time to finish it

An Apparition

1920 - 1930

Plate 24. Oil on board | 11,5x9 cm

This painting, done in Pondicherry, is not traceable at present. The colour reproduction is made from an earlier print, which had the title "The Moon Goddess (íApparitioní)". There was a first sketch for it - see drawings / Pondicherry.


1903 - 1908

Plate 25. Oil on board | 14,5x11 cm

This is a fine example of the Motherís paintings done in France

Sleeping Woman

1903 - 1908

Plate 26. Oil on canvas | 65x65 cm

This painting is badly peeling off as is evident from the lower end of the reproduction. A fine work in the impressionist style

Andre as a Postman


Plate 27. Oil on board | 23,5x13,5 cm

The Motherís son in a postmanís dress. He was about ten years old when this painting was done



Plate 28. Oil on board | 11,5x10,5 cm

Portrait of the Motherís son, Andre Morisset, when he was four or five years old

Portrait of a Loving Friend


Plate 29. Oil on ivory | 9,5x6,5 cm

This portrait of Mme Valentine is done on a small piece of ivory. The Mother presented it to Ms. Maggi Lidchi, one of her disciples, in whom she recognised a reincarnation of her friend. Mme Valentine, a close friend of the Motherís during her days in the art studio, died in childbirth just before the Motherís son, Andre, was born.

Japanese Poet Hirasawa Tetsuo

1916 - 1920

Plate 30. Oil on board | 19,5x14 cm

This excellent portrait of poet and artist Hirasawa Tetsuo is still in fairly good condition. It was done in one sitting. Hirasawa later visited the Mother in Pondicherry (October 1924)

Kobayashi in her Room

1917 - 1918

Plate 31. Oil on canvas | 32,5x44 cm

This portrait of the Motherís friend Nobuko Kobayashi was done in Kyoto. She is here preparing some medicine


Mrs. Okhawa in her Balcony


Plate 33. Oil on canvas | 32,5x44 cm

This portrait of Mrs. Okhawa in a balcony overlooking Noshiri Lake was probably done when the Mother stayed with her in Kyoto one summer. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated: MA (monogram)


Trees of Daiunji Temple


Plate 35. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

The Mother and Paul Richard visited the Daiunji temple in Sarashina, about 200 km northwest of Tokyo, between 12 and 15 September 1918. Plates 36 and 41 and drawings Nos. 131 and 132 (p. 144) were also done here. Oil on board. Signed: MA (mono≠gram)

Roof of Daiunji Temple


Plate 36. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

Signed: MA (monogram)

Snow on a Tree

1917 - 1918

Plate 37. Oil on board | 15x22,5 cm

Snow on a tree in a Kyoto garden. Signed: MA (mono≠gram)

A Japanese Lady with a Lantern

1893 - 1900

Plate 38. Oil on board | 64x46,5 cm

This is evidently a copy of a Japanese wood-block print. It was done when the Mother was in France, most probably near the end of the nineteenth century. The painting is in a bad state and the colours are peel≠ing off. The reproduction is electronically repaired. Oil on board: 64 x 46.5 cm. C. 1893-1900. France.


Image of Buddha

1920 - 1930

Plate 39. Oil on board | 14x8,5 cm

This small painting was probably started by a student and finished by the Mother

Mural in the Church at Pau


Plate 40

This mural in the church at Pau, a town in the south of France, is signed OH Morisset 1898". The lower part of the painting was done by the Mother. The painting depicts a battle between Christians and Moors. Saint James of Compostela, patron saint of the church, appears on a white horse

Scroll of Daiunji Temple


Plate 41. Ink on paper | 136x37 cm

This scroll was done on Japanese paper and mounted as a kakemono. For the calligraphic writing in Japanese

An Early Portrait


Plate 42. Oil on canvas

Recently found in the private collection of Dr. Lapey≠sonnie in France

La Console

Circa 1905

Plate 43

Reproduced from the catalogue of the 1905 exhibition of the Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts. The original painting has not been traced

Portrait of Mrs. Kobayashi

1917 - 1918

Plate 44. Oil on ivory

A miniature on ivory done in Japan and presented to Madame Kobayashi

Goddess Kwannon


Plate 45

A painting of the Japanese goddess Kwannon, Goddess of Mercy. It was done for the cover of a book in Bengali by Nolini Kanta Gupta, NarirKatha

Flower Study

1950 - 1980

Plate 46. Oil on board | 17,5x14,5 cm

Study of a rose in oils to demonstrate the technique of oil-painting to a student.

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