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Bhagavad Guta

Audio collection


1. The Yoga of the Dejection of Arjuna

2. Sankhya-Yoga

3. The Yoga of the Works

4. The Yoga of Knowledge

5. The Yoga of the Renunciation of Action

6. The Yoga of Self-Subdual

7. The Yoga of Essential and Comprehensive Knowledge

8. The Yoga of the Immutable Brahman

9. The Yoga of King-knowledge and King-secret

10. The Yoga of Vibhuti (Divine Manifestation)

11. The Yoga of the Vision of the World-Spirit

12. The Yoga of Devotion

13. The Yoga of the Distinction between the Field and the Knower of the Field

14. The Yoga of the Division of the Three Gunas

15. The Yoga of the Supreme Person (Purushottama)

16. The Yoga of Division Between the Divine and the Demonical Endowments

17. The Yoga of the Threefold Division of Faith

18. The Yoga of the Renunciation of Liberation

These pages contain:

(1) Sanskrit text in Devanagari and transcription;

(2) Paraphrase that was compiled mainly from Sri Aurobindo’s Essays on the Gita. It first appeared in The Message of the Gita, edited by Anilbaran Roy, in 1938. Sri Aurobindo approved this book for publication; however, he made it clear that the translations in the Essays were “more explanatory than textually precise or cast in a literary style”. Many of them are paraphrases rather than strict translations. Sri Aurobindo also wrote that he did not wish extracts from the Essays “to go out as my translation of the Gita”.

(3) Three variants of audio records. The 1st — by Swami Brahmananda; the 2nd — two voices; the 3rd — Jagannath Vedalankar who joined the Ashram in 1945.