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The Mother


Volume 11

June 20, 1970

I'd like to tell you that for some time I've had troubles with my body....


A bit disorganized.

What happened to it?

I don't know.... I feel something threatening me.

Since when?

About a month.

But where does it hurt?

A functioning is disorganized. I feel there's an obstruction or something, or... well, I don't know what's wrong.

(after a silence)

You see, the Force of transformation is working very, very strongly, and many people are like that: the functions are no longer “normal,” as they are called, that is to say, the functionings are changing, and so the first impression is always that of a disorder. But if one can put in the body this sort of tranquil patience, you know, like that, free of worry, after a time things are fine.... With digestion, for instance, one day you can't digest anything anymore, so you think that... and then, if you stay VERY STILL, like that, without worrying – above all, without worrying – you see that it slowly takes on a different movement, and then it's all right... but in a different way, a completely new way.

It SHOULD be like that, but I can't know, of course. It should be like that.

I have to struggle a lot against all kinds of suggestions.

Ah, there we are, that's what causes the trouble.

Suggestions of what sort?

You know, the kind of disease people generally have.

(Mother makes a face.
Long concentration)

One thing I know is that the Consciousness is working in you very strongly, but... Don't you feel it?

Oh, I ALWAYS feel this Force.

Yes, but [I mean] very materially, you understand. There's a difference when it works in the mind, for instance, or even in the vital, and then when it starts working in the body.

But there's the fact that my last experience in hospital has left a terrible imprint.


It has put on me something that wasn't there before.

Oh, that's it... that's it.

(long concentration)

Do you rest during the day?

After lunch, yes.

At what time?

About quarter past one.

We'll try.

But do you have any trouble right now?

No, no, nothing right now. I think the main thing is to sweep away those suggestions.

Yes, that's right, it's the main thing.

If you could put in the body – INTO the body – the complete surrender, that is, it should RELY on the Supreme's intervention alone, you understand; the BODY, the very body must say to Him, “Here (Mother opens her hands), here...” to the Supreme, with the knowledge that He is there; He is there in the atmosphere, in the cells, in everything, and... (gesture, hands open) and that's all. That's very effective. Because I know, of course, this body has a lot of troubles, and that's its only remedy. It knows no other. And it's the only one that's really effective (same gesture, hands open and eyes closed).

When one learns to do it, even pains go away in a few minutes.

So you'll try.

Above all, you know, you mustn't think or remember things.... That's very bad, very bad.

*   *

(Mother takes up her translation of Savitri: Savitri's answer to Death.)

Mais Savitri répondit au dieu sophiste:

«Une fois encore appelleras-tu la Lumière pour aveugler les yeux de la Vérité,

Pour enfermer la connaissance dans les mailles de l'Ignorance

Et faire du Verbe une flèche pour tuer mon âme vivante?


[But Savitri answered to the sophist God:

“Once more wilt thou call Light to blind Truth's eyes,

Make knowledge a catch of the snare of Ignorance

And the Word a dart to slay my living Soul?]

One can't slay the soul!

Offre, ô Roi, tes bienfaits à des esprits fatigués...

[Offer, O king, thy boons to tired spirits...]

(Mother smiles)

Et aux cœurs qui ne peuvent supporter les blessures du Temps;

Que ceux qui étaient liés au corps et au mental,

Arrachent ces liens et fuient dans le calme blanc

Implorant un refuge hors du jeu de Dieu;

Sûrement tes bienfaits sont grands puisque tu es Lui!»


[And hearts that could not bear the wounds of Time,

Let those who were tied to body and to mind,

Tear off those bonds and flee into white calm

Crying for a refuge from the play of God,

Surely thy boons are great since thou art He!”]

Savitri, X.IV.647

in French

in German